TCPA Defendant Burden Proof of Consent

TCPA Defendant Proof of Consent BurdenWestern District of New York Magistrate Judge proceeds Forney vs. Grand Island Chiropractic to discovery because the defendant didn’t meet their burden of showing TCPA proof of consent or have any healthcare exemptions. Case background:… TCPA Proof of Consent:

June LA Fintech

TICKETS HERE Come mix and mingle with other Financial Technologist’s Tuesday June 25th. Learn about the newest and fastest changes going on in financial technology. Finance is undergoing a massive change some call the “financial paradigm” or “crypto wars”. Laws from 1930-1940 (old right?) are getting broken down with technological innovation in finance. Find partners, […]

Music industry targets troll farms distorting streaming revenues

Anna Nicolaou in New York Record labels join tech groups to tackle ‘industrial-scale’ deployment of fake users A music industry hit parade including Spotify, Amazon and Universal is moving to stifle an emerging threat to the sector’s business model: fake streams. Digital streaming has revived an industry battered by the illegal download explosion early in […]