This is Jeff’s blog and bio details:

Over 20 years in US equity capital markets. Experienced in fintech 2.0 in the late 90’s for listed NYSE/Amex executions on primary and regional exchanges. Starting at the Pacific Exchange in LA, grew a DOT network from 500,000 executed shares per day to 2+ billion per day. Business development with key partners of direct market access (DMA) platforms, order management systems (OMS’s), dark pools, electronic communication networks (ECN’s), broker dealers, and all US exchanges. Was a key partner for the growth of a small broker dealer OES to the buyout from Merrill Lynch.

Created and organized Los Angeles’s largest fintech group, LA Fintech and Crypto213 with 3,000+ members.

Founder of Treveri Capital LLC asset and risk management. Also, Co-Founder of Oxford BioChronometrics a cyber security company specializing in user authentication in adtech. Jeff specializes in inefficient, micro, and disruptive markets.