Fintech Consultant- Los Angeles

Specializes in:

  • Alternative Trading Systems (ATS)
  • Blockchain
  • Compliance SEC/FINRA
  • Crypto Curriences (ICO)
  • Cyber Security
  • Insurance
  • Market Structure
  • Marketing (adtech)
  • Reg NMS
  • Regtech
  • Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)
  • Strategic Sales Partnerships
  • US Broker Dealers

Consulting Fee $250/hour


My background:

Over 20 years in US equity capital markets.  Experienced in fintech 2.0 in the late 90’s for listed NYSE/Amex executions on primary and regional exchanges. Grew a DOT network from 500,000 executed shares per day to 2+ billion per day.  Business development with key partners of direct market access (DMA) platforms, order management systems (OMS’s), dark pools, electronic communication networks (ECN’s), broker dealers, and all US exchanges.  Was a key partner for the growth of a small broker dealer to the buyout from Merrill Lynch.

Currently created and organized Los Angeles’s largest fintech group called LA Fintech with 3,000+ members.  Also, involved with Treveri Capital for wealth management and TreveriX coming soon.

There are four major areas of fintech:

  • Banking
  • Currency
  • Real Estate
  • Securities

I’m familiar with all aspects of fintech but have a very deep understanding of the securities sector.  If you need help in the other areas, I know other fintech consultants in each specific area.  We are in fintech 3.0.  Exciting Times!!

Message me if you have any questions. jeff{at} or